Upcoming Events 

Field Trip to Plumper Pumpkin Patch
Monday, October 2nd

Thanks! We have enough volunteers!  
We will be leaving Trillium around 9 and returning between 12:30-1:30. 
Please pack a bag lunch for your child and snacks.

Picture Day
Tuesday, October 5th.
Please email me if you need a Picture Day Form.

Conferences will be scheduled towards the end of October.  I will be sending out more info. in the next few weeks. 

Academic Focus

We've been working on estimation, counting, grouping and learning how to build arrays using pumpkins. 

After reading this book I brought in several pumpkins for the students to estimate how many seeds might be inside. The next day was spent cleaning out the seeds and planning on how they would be counted and grouped.  After counting we added the seeds to together to see how many were there altogether. 

We have been talking about the writing process as the class works on a Zoom In tstory. Students were asked to think of one moment or experience in their life that they could "zoom" in on to write a story about while learning writing strategies. 

Does a pumpkin float or sink? What is the life cycle of a pumpkin? What do scientists do? These are all questions that we've been exploring in our science work this week.

Kindness Award
Congratulations to Calvin Frank on receiving the Kindness award this month. Each month the class will focus on a character trait. Students will then select who they feel demonstrates that trait. The selected student will receive a certificate at the monthly assembly. 

Oh, thanks for everyone who made my birthday such a special day!
See you next week!