This week our study of space focused on Venus and Earth.
Students created volcanos out of clay to build on the information that they've learned about the climate on the planet Venus.

They also shared what they knew about Earth, which was quite a bit!
Earth is comprised of over 70% of water, which was a fact some students already knew. To emphasize the importance of our oceans I had the students simulate an oil spill in a pan, then try to clean the spill up with a variety of materials. 


We've been focusing on creating "How to Books". At this point in the year students are familiar with steps the writing process. Students started their planning and next week will work on drafting, editing and publishing.


Students seems to be enjoying our study of fractions. If you would like to come in and do a "cooking" lesson with the class, which involves measuring please let me know. I would love to have parent involvement in this unit. 

Smarter Balance Testing

3rd grade testing has been postponed until April. There has been conflicts in the scheduling with the computer lab upstairs. 

Community Potluck

Next Friday from 11:00-12:00 at Patton park. All welcome! Please consider bringing a nut free dish to share. This celebration will be open to all 2/3 families and friends. 

OMSI Field Trip
As a celebration of our study of space our class will be visiting OMSI on April 12th for an Astrobiology lab with OMSI educators, a planetarium trip and a few hours to explore the museum.

Please email if your child will need a lunch provided.

There are 2 volunteer slots available. 

 I depend on volunteers and if someone cancels at the last minute, forgets the date it affects the entire community and we may have to cancel the trip. If something comes up and you need to cancel please let me know the night before if possible. Please also arrive on time since we will be taking the MAX there and back. 

 Quilting Project
I am looking for volunteers who would like to participate in the quilting project. Please email me for more details, days and times. 

Returning Student Forms
If your child intends to return to Trillium next year please submit your return form by March 24th. I have only a few turned in so far.