Thanks to everyone who participated in our field trip to Kelly Point park. Yes, it was wet. Yes, it was cold. Yes, it was fun !

A letter has arrived from NASA inviting the students to learn about space. The students have created their characters, which are currently on display in the classroom. Each week we will talk about 2 planets, while working towards filling up a space passport book. Once the passport books are filled we will be taking a special class trip somewhere. Stay tuned for more details.

We've been working on geometry. We're exploring 2D and 3D shapes. Have your students point out when they are noticing shapes outside of school.

We're wrapping up our opinion writing unit by writing opinion pieces that focus on the "Best Part of Me". Sarah Valentine has taken beautiful pictures of each student, which will accompany their writing and then be compiled into a class book. 

Why does it rain experiment. 

In addition to our study of space we've been thinking a lot of weather, the different types of clouds, why it rains and more. 

Math Studio and Clubs
2/3 clubs have started. Mary has been teaching archery, I have been working on book making and Lana has been teaching cardboard building. Clubs alternate with Math studio, which is a 1 hour block where students can choose a math focus area to work on in a different classroom. 

Literacy Circles
Please consider volunteering for literacy circles. This is a great opportunity to volunteer in the classroom. Literacy circles are every Friday from 11:30-12. Email if you are interested in volunteering. 

Self Portraits 

While we've been thinking about the Best Parts of ourselves we've also been thinking about identity, who we are and how we are the same or different. Students used a collection of loose parts to create self portraits of themselves. You can see the portraits in the back of the classroom hanging from the garage doors. 
2/3 would like to invite all families to attend a whole grade level potluck and social on March 24th from 11:00-12:00 at Patton Park. Please bring a nut free dish, dessert or drink to share. We will need volunteers to help set up.

Smarter Balance Testing
3rd graders will begin taking the Smarter Balance Literacy test the week of March 24th. Ashley, the Head of the Lower school, will be taking the 3rd graders to the Upper school lab for testing so this will not impact 2nd graders who will not be taking the test. 
3rd graders will then be taking the Math component of the test Wednesday 4/26Thursday 4/27Friday 4/28, and Monday 5/1.  
If you would your child to opt out of the test please email me and I will send an opt out form home that will need to be completed prior to the start of the test.

You can prepare your children by having them practice at home: http://www.smarterbalanced.org/assessments/practice-and-training-tests/