Thanks to everyone who attended our first class potluck. If you were unable to attend we will continue to have more community building events through out the year. I hope that you will be able to make one of the next events. 

 This Week....
We started the week together by doing an activity that focused on our monthly Lower School theme of kindness. I read the book Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson. In the story the teacher presents the students with a bowl of water and each child drops a stone in while they share an act of kindness they had done. She explains that kindness is like the ripples in the water. The next day I put a bowl of water in the circle and gave each child a stone. They put their stone into the water and shared their kindness.

How Could Observational Drawing Inspire "Best Work" Practices?
  As a class we had a conversation about what it means to do your best work. Some ideas that came up was taking your time, participating in a lesson, slowing down, being careful. After the conversation I placed plants at each table and had the students take time drawing and observing the details. 

Tillamook Forest Trip
Our first field trip was  a success! Thanks to the parent volunteers who were able to attend. The students spent the day learning about the history of the Tillamook forest region, a brief overview of the forest layers and what to pack when you are on a hike. They also had a chance to climb to the top of a fire tower!

"About Me" Books
The class is continuing to write their About Me books. I look forward to reading finished products. 

This week we started our Storyline entitled "World's Fair". Each child will be learning about a country during this SL and creating a product or art piece to display at the "fair". 

Upcoming Events/Volunteer Opportunities
Library Walk - Wednesday 12:50-1:50
Please email if interested in walking.

Literacy Groups
I am looking for volunteers who are interested in working with literacy groups once a week on Friday. The focus of the group will be reading an article or story together and discussing comprehension questions. 
You can sign up online by following this link:

Cat in the Hat
 We are still looking for volunteers to join us on the Oct. 12th from 11:00-2:00 to see the play Cat in the Hat.
Please sign up here:

Tryon Creek Wednesday October 26th from 10-3
Please sign up here:
 If you are interested in driving.

Design Squad
I am excited about an upcoming Science learning opportunity. A few months ago I applied to be a host club for Design Squad, which is a PBS show focused on S.T.E.A.M. learning. As a host club our class will be paired with a class in another country who is also working on the same science related projects. I just received confirmation that our class was paired with another class in Jordan! We will be finding out more details soon.