Thanks to all of the volunteers that joined us on the field trip to the Cat in the Hat. It was fun and very successful! I appreciate how flexible parents (and students) were when the MAX was delayed.

Looking Back at the Week....
2/3 had our first Open Art Studio session. Students were able to choose to visit the other 2/3 classrooms and work with charcoals, pastels or watercolors. This was a time to explore the materials without having to produce a specific product. 

Story Workshop
This week in Story Workshop I offered the following provocation "How can you use these materials to tell a story about yourself?"

Students used this provocation to build a story and then write about what they built.  StoryWork Shop and Writer's Workshop will be used interchangeably. From my observations students are able to create and develop more ideas for writing when using materials to first visually build a story. 

Looking Ahead....


Science: We will begin our PBS Design Squad Club this week.

The focus of the club is engineering and design process. We will be communicating with our partner club in Amman, Jordan. I am excited to get started. 

Math: 2nd grade will continue to work with place value, number bonds and addition. 
3rd grade will work on similar mathematical tasks, while working with arrays and starting to build the foundation for multiplication.
 I am following the EngageNY curriculum, which is Common Core aligned and supplementing with story problems, math centers, games and other practical applications. 

StoryLine: We will continue our work on the World's Fair. This week students will create characters for the Storyline.  If you are not familiar with the Storyline method please follow this link to learn more: Storyline

Socio/Emotional: We will continue to discuss the brain and our feelings. I will be introducing Mediations,which is a component of our discipline policy. 

The big themes for the month of October-November will be author study, small literacy groups and Fairy Tales from around the world. Students will work on writing their own Fairytales as a culminating project for this unit. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Tryon Creek- Wed. Oct 26th.
I am still looking for volunteers who can drive and lead a group.
Please sign up using this link:

Literacy Circle 
As a literacy circle volunteer you would help a small group of students read an article together, answer comprehension questions and discuss the materials. This would be from 9:30-10:00 on Fridays.

Library Walk
Please email if you would like to join us on the Library walk on Wednesday from 1:00-2:00.  Please arrive at 12:45 to help get the class ready. 

Upcoming Events

Harvest Festival
 Friday October 21st 5-7 pm. 
This will be held at Trillium.

Hispanic Heritage Celebration
Friday October 21 11-12
This will also be held at Trillium.