Our first full week was busy and successful!


Book Tasting
During our literacy workshop we have been working on building  reading stamina, learning how to pick a just right book and to check for understanding while reading. To introduce students to what the term genre is and simultaneously open the classroom library I hosted a "Book Tasting". The tables were set with menus, table clothes and I put out many different books for the students to sample. The event was a success. Everyone walked away with the understanding of genre and a bag full of books that they can read during read to self!

Stella, Jolene and Pasacle "tasting" books.
The tables are set.
Book Tasting

Ben talking with his table during book tasting.

Building Community through Art

The first weeks of school focus on building a community where students are recognizing similarities & differences among one another. At Trillium we have dedicated the first 2-3 weeks on building community through sharing, partner work, appreciations, creating classroom agreements and learning what community means. Community building will be ongoing as part of our socio/emotional/anti bias curriculum. 

This week the students were offered the provocation "How can you use these materials to show your favorite place" and a plate of pastels. Students explored this medium while creating works of art that are displayed in the classroom. We will be doing more open ended exploration of art materials through out the year. 

Partner Reading

Math and Science
This week we have begun our Math Workshop. Students rotated through teacher created centers that focus on the Common Core skill they are learning. During this time I am meeting with small groups and working on teaching new concepts. In the centers the concepts will be reinforced and practiced through games, word problems, art and the practical application through a project.


 In Science we began by asking the question "What does a Scientist do?" We then talked about observation and how a scientist uses observation to learn more about something. Our first unit will focus on the life cycle of the plant. Students will observe a seed, learn the parts of a plant and take trips to Patton park to observe the trees there. Life cycle is a theme we will focus on through out the year. 

Field Trips, Announcements and ETC.
Please let me know if you would like to volunteer or drive.

Tillamook Forest: September 29
We have enough volunteers for this trip. 

Cat in the Hat Play- October 12th- 12:00-3:00
We will be taking the MAX.

Tryon Creek Service Learning 
**Will need Drivers**

Class Potluck
Friday September 30th from 11:00-12:00

Birthday Invitation
Jolene and her family would like to invite the entire 2/3 community to her 8th birthday celebration beginning at 1 pm on saturday, september 24th.

at the shop
7531 ne 33rd drive
portland, oregon 97211

rsvp to wendy/britt/jolene/auto

Thanks for those who have already brought in snacks to share.
Please continue to bring extra snacks to share. Many children are not bringing enough snacks to get them through the day. I love being able to offer the extra snack but I don't always have the time to purchase them after school.