Highlights this week:

Ayden counting and grouping. 
Introducing and practicing learning centers at Math. Our Math work will focus on centers. This week students became familiar with using centers. 
Using the gems to help learn about story problems. 

Our focus during Science has been on observations. The children created observation journals and then focused on something in the classroom to observe. 
We will be observing seeds that have been put into bags with wet paper towels then hung on the back door. We will be talking about the life cycle of a plant as a connection between the seeds and our trip to the Tillamook forest. 

In Literacy Workshop the students have been practicing building their independent reading stamina. I am following the Daily 5 model of literacy, Debbie Miller's Reading Workshop,  Words Their Way and Story Workshop, which I learned about at the Opal School Symposium last Summer. 

A story being built using loose parts.

Owen explains his story during Story Workshop.

On Friday I introduced the students to the Creation Station. This is an area of loose parts, cardboard and tape. I am always amazed at how creative the children become with a few cardboard boxes!

Pascale creating with cardboard.
Ayden and Ben using the tape. 

Looking Ahead:

We will begin our first Storyline, which will be called "The World's Fair." The objectives of this Storyline is to learn about countries of the world, different cultures and traditions of people.

Our first Field Trip will be on Thursday to the Tillamook forest! I am very excited for this trip. 

Thanks for all of the snack donations!

If you have any interesting plants in your garden going to seed (sunflowers, artichokes, neat plants non posinous plants) please consider bringing them into school. I would like to put them onto our observation table for the children to look at more closely. 

Cardboard and Plastic
If you have cardboard or plastics overflowing from your recycling bin please bring it to school. I will add it to the creation station.

Save the Date
Class Potluck on Friday September 30th