Thank you to all of the parents who attended campout, donated to the activity fund and supported the trip in other ways. This year our campout felt very successful. We look forward to returning to Camp Collins next year!


Our mantis and lady bugs hatched!

 To help the children understand the purpose of an exoskeleton I posed this question, "How could an exoskeleton help an insect survive?" Drawing on our schema, while  making connections to our human body unit, the students discussed ways that the skeleton supports our body. They then discussed how an exoskeleton supports an insect . 
Following the question I asked the children to design an exoskeleton using loose parts that would support an egg if dropped from the roof top garden.  The students got to work! After a day of building their exoskeletons it was time to test! We all went to the roof top garden and dropped the eggs.
We made observations and predictions why some had broken while others did not. 
Hazel working on his exoskeleton. 
Grant working on his exoskeleton. 

Dropping the eggs.

Independent Research
Students continue to research topics of interest that they have selected. This type of project allows the children to utilize many of the literacy skills that they have developed through out the school year. They are reading informational text, using their comprehension skills, while synthesizing the materials and organizing ideas to share.  
Pascale, Stella and Leora.
Hazel and Romeo.


The Runnisance this year was a success! Our class raised over $200 for the arts fund. Thank you!!

Guest Visits- Jon and Jared

Our community has so many talented and interesting parents! 

Jon, Pascale's Dad, visited the class and shared the work that he does. Jon creates software that allows for organizations to track individual animals through out the world by digitally scanning photographs taken by scientists and other people! How cool??

Jon sharing his powerpoint presentation. 

Our next guest parent was Jared, Sol's Dad. Jared is an artist and illustrator. The children were so excited to see the work that he does. They were able to get some feedback and help with their drawings.

Jared draws a dragon.

Looking Ahead....

Field Day will the Monday June 6th. I am looking for 2 parent volunteers who would like to run a station. Please contact me if you are able to help out with this. 

The Last Day of school is Wednesday June 8th. It is a half day so please plan accordingly.