Insects, Stories and Earth Day

Are your children coming home curious about insects? Have they been watching the ants march across the counter tops? In class we have been studying and observing insects.
Feel free to step inside the classroom during pick up and ask your child to explain what is going on with the insects that we are hatching.


May 4-5th at Camp Collins YMCA.
Remember to turn in your permission and medical forms if you have not done so yet. 
A volunteer meeting will be held on Tuesday from 3:30-4:00 in our classroom. This meeting is required for all people who will be joining us on the trip. If you are unable to attend please contact me so we can find time to review expectations.

Matais and Grant share their story.
"I would fly to visit my friends,"--Kaya

I have really been delighted to observe the increase in creative writing and storytelling through the Story Workshop process. Children are offered a provocation such as ,"Where would you fly if you had wings," (which ties into our overall theme of insects). After a read aloud that focuses on a literay technique, such as setting or character development, I provide the children with loose parts to build their story. After they have built the story they then share their story to another person and finally write their story. 
Captain creates his story, while Matais waits  for a part.
"I would fly with my sister." Chloe

Scholastic Book Orders
Orders are due on May 25th.
You can order online using the following link and code:


This Friday is the annual Runnisance, which is a fundraiser for the arts program. 
Please bring a white tee shirt, with your child's name on it to school on Monday. They will be decorating a tee shirt this week in class.

Independent Research Projects
Our last project of the year will be an independent research project.
This connects to our unit of non fiction, pulling out important information form a text and reading for comprehension. Students have each selected a topic that they are interested in and will be using books that I have collected from the Library, computer and articles for research. 

Math+Emergent Curriculum

During snack last week a group of students were discussing the possibility of photocopying some play money that they had brought in as a way to trade/sell items they no longer want. They approached me with the idea and at first seemed hesitant about being able to do this. After asking a few questions and  discussing it for awhile I saw this as a great opportunity to have the whole class practice their skills using money, build off of something that was exciting to a group of students, which is the premise of emergent curriculum. I asked the students to present their ideas to the class and explain some of the guidelines we were coming up with. 

This week I will give each student a bag of fake money that they can "spend". I will allow student to bring in items from home that they no longer want, make things that they can sell, or buy things from me if they don't have anything at home. I imagine that this will bring up many rich and powerful conversations about fairness, the value of things and more. 

Earth Day
To celebrate Earth Day I purchased native plants and flower bulbs to have the children plant in the raised bed beside the rear gate. Nora worked with me on this project and helped facilitate the planting.
Take a look when you pick up your children. There is still more space to fill so if you have any extra plants that you would like to share I would happily have the class finish the planting.