As  a community we are working on understanding how we are the same yet different. I had the children consider the question "What is your inside story?"  After some reflection and discussion each student wrote a paragraph about their "inside story". You can see this beautiful collage on the wall in the class room.

 Story workshop
This week we've started exploring Story workshop in conjunction with Writer's workshop. I was fascinated to hear the stories each child created so quickly using a small collection of objects I placed on tables. This week we will focus on telling these stories to others and then writing them down. 

Sunny Days!
I hope to teach more lessons at Patton Park now that the weather is nicer. I brought my 2nd graders to the park for a lesson about observation and noticing details.

 Conferences are this week.
Please sign up if you have not done so already!


On May 4th and 5th, all three 2/3 classes will be going to Camp Collins for our Camp Out!

We need chaperones and drivers! Please e-mail me if you are interested. If you have not filled out a classroom volunteer background check form, you will need to do so ASAP.
Chaperones would:
  • drive students to and from Camp Collins in their own car
  • monitor students while Camp Collins staff teach lessons
  • sleep in cabins with students

Drivers would drive students:
  • to Camp Collins (leave school at 9 am on May 4th and be back in Portland around 11:30 am
  • pick students up at Camp Collins (leave Portland around 12:45 pm, arrive at Camp Collins at 2:00 pm, and be back at school around 3:30 pm)

Volunteer Opportunities

Please continue to donate snacks!

Adults who could join the class for lessons in the park from 1:40-2:30.