Welcome Back!

Welcome  Back from Spring Break!

 I hope that everyone had a rejuvenating spring break.
I was delighted to see some of the projects that were brought in to share today.

We are in the final stretch of school and I want to share what the class will be focusing on for the duration of the school year.

Math Workshop

Students will continue to explore concepts around working with money, fractions and probability for the next few weeks. I am in the process of planning a small "sale" (yard/bake sale) as an opportunity for the practical application of working with money for  the students. Once I have organized dates/time I will be reaching out for volunteers and donations of stuff.

Storyline and Story workshop
 I am excited to start Story Workshop, which is a literacy/arts integration approach to writing that I learned at the Opal School Summer Symposium. Students will use materials that are provided to tell their stories visually before working on writing the story. I will be blending this with the 2/3 Storyline that will focus on the idea of community and socio/emotional skills. Guiding questions are: What does it mean to be part of a community? How do we share space in a community? What skills do have to help teach others how to be part of the community? 

The 2/3 team will focus on a unit on Insects! We will be hatching 3 types of insects in the classroom and integrating this unit into literacy. This unit will build off the schema we have from our first project of the year, which focused on bees. 

Stereotyping and Media
I am really interested in how identity is developed in children, particularly in regards to gender and roles. Research has shown that gender identity is established as early as the age of 3. Recently I have been thinking about how media influences one's sense of self. Many examples of this are the types of toys children play with, the clothing they wear and how it is received by others, i.e. "Eww, you're wearing a girl's coat." (spoken to a male student.) and roles that we are "expected" to assume.  In the next few weeks students will be examining literature and images that propagate and challenge stereotyping.
2/3 will be going on our annual camp out Wed. May 3rd-May 4th.  We will be going to Camp Collins at Oxbow Regional Park, where the students will receive high quality environmental education from trained camp staff. I will be sending more information about campout soon. 

 I will be scheduling conferences on Monday April 4th and Friday April 8th. 
I will post a sign up sheet outside of the classroom for those who would like to sign up.

Smarter Balance Testing

2/3 will start the Smarter Balance test in May. 

I am looking for Library volunteers and volunteers who would like to join us to the park for lessons.

Please continue to donate snacks to the class.