Sophia and Pascale share the flower mandala they created . I thought it was simply beautiful!

It is feeling more and more like spring! The weather has been getting warmer. We can see the pink blossoms of the cherry trees from the garage windows in the classroom.

Highlights of the week 
We have been talking about the digestive system, as we wrap of the study of the body.

I asked the question "How can we use the creation station to help us create a model of the digestive system?"   

Using the loose parts, a diagram of the digestive and building off what we've been learning students constructed very interesting models of the system!


Aurora showing her model. 

Finished models of the digestive system.
          Math Workshop

We're starting to study/review counting, adding, subtracting money. We will also be studying fractions and probability. This unit should last approximately 4-6 weeks. 

Stella and Pascale playing a game during Math.

Tryon Creek

 The field trip to Tryon creek was amazing! The weather was good and everyone seemed to have a really nice day.  The class received an short lesson about frogs and their life cycle while visiting.They then went on an 1hr 1/2 hike around the park with a nature guide. After the guided hike the class helped the park by pulling out some invasive English Ivy. Thanks again to the volunteers!

Have a great weekend.