It has been another full week. Read on for more details.

Looking Ahead

  • Friday, Feb. 12th is our class Valentine's Day party.

Students are welcome to bring a treat to share. We have 4 gluten free children in the class. I have included a class list with the homework packet this week.

  • Volunteers needed to chaperon our next two field trips!

  • Feb. 24th we will be taking the Max to OMSI and will need volunteers to join us.

  • Wednesday March 2nd I will need drivers again who can chaperon another service learning project at Tryon Creek park.  I will be sending home a waiver that you must sign and return in order for your child to participate in the trip. 

Please email me if you can volunteer for either (or both!) trips.

  • Library walk this Tuesday. Please bring items to return.

Curriculum Highlights

3rd grade took their first practice test to prepare for the Smarter Balance testing, which will be happening sometime in March-May. This was a good opportunity for the students to become familiar with the online interface and see what types of questions they will be asked. 

In Math we began collecting data and graphing.

In Literacy Workshop students have been working on crafting short personal narratives, learning about contractions (I will= I'll) and working on making deeper connections to the text.

This week students will be selecting a historically famous African American to study/research. They will then be creating short biographies of their lives based on their findings. 

Monday is the Chinese New Year. The class will be engaged in some activities to celebrate this event. 

The class will be working on learning the systems of the bodies up until Spring Break. We will continue to learn about the circulatory system this week.

Lesley and Oliver will be visiting our class again on Tuesday. Lesley is a volunteer who brings her beautiful dog Oliver to our class so students can read to him.

I have arranged for a visit from OSHU on Tuesday to talk about brain and spine health with the class. This is a tie into the study of the body. 

Middle School buddies will be meeting this week. 

Looking Back on the Week

This week in the study of the human body the students began learning about the circulatory system. We talked about the parts of the blood and then students made "blood." Ask your child what they remember about this activity.

Owl Pellets!
At Whittaker Pond the class discovered small bones scattered on the ground underneath a large cedar tree. Through some questioning we learned that it was evidence of owls ! After we got back to school I contacted the Audubon Society, which rehabilitates raptors, such as owls, about donating owl pellets for the class to dissect. They generously provided 22 owl pellets!! On Thursday the class  took apart and tried to identify what the owl had eaten. 
"I just found two skulls in my owl pellet!"-- Kaya.
Raale taking a closer look.

Laek carefully picking apart the pellet. 

Sophia sharing her book on Friday. 

Maker's Club!

Maker's Club!

I will be out on Monday but should return on Tuesday!
Have a great week!!

Ms. Fawn