Students reading at the Library.

Students reading at the Library.

Welcome Back and Happy New Year. 

We just finished our first full week of school!

When I was talking with my son earlier today he picked up a toy that he had discarded on the ground and asked me, "What is inside?" This immediately made me think of our study of the human body.
It also made me think of the emerging interest the class has in figuring out what is inside machines. 
Their interest was piqued on Friday, when Hazel shared the robot that he has been working on at home since the beginning of last term.
Hazel answering Matais' question about his robot.
Hazel sharing the robot he built during Morning Meeting.

Since the students are interested in finding out how things are working I would like to put a call out for broken toys, appliances, simple machines the students can deconstruct and look inside during our study of the human body.

I will also need tools that the children can use such as various sizes of screwdrivers, wrenches, etc. 
Sophia working on building her cell.

Our study of the human body began with some true/false questions about the body. We talked about the basic structure of the cell. The students first colored and labeled a diagram of the cell. Building on their knowledge later in the week they created a cell using air dry clay.
2nd and 3rd grade students working together to create their cells.

This week we also enjoyed our first walk to the Library. The class was so excited to be walking there that they hardly noticed the rain. 
Thanks to the parents who joined us. 
If you would like to volunteer the next walk with be Tuesday January 26th from 12:40-1:40ish.

Looking Ahead

We have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks/month.

Next week the class will focus on the heart and blood.

In Math workshop students will be learning or revisiting subtraction and different strategies that follow the Common Core teaching standards.
3rd grade students will also be working on division.

Reading Workshop will focus on elements of the stories.
Students will be working on the writing process and personal narratives.

I am organizing an Author's Tea with the other 2/3 classrooms for mid February. I will send more details when the date is confirmed. 

Scholastic Orders are due no later than January 28th.
Please see me if you need a flier.

Field trip to Whitaker Pond

I am still looking for drivers who would like to chaperone!
Educators from the Columbia Slough organization will meet the class there and guide us on a walk around the pond. We will be looking for and talking about animal habitats.

Thank you to those who have donated snacks.
Please send your child to school with extra food if possible and a water bottle.
The day is long and children need to eat through out the day.
You can also donate snacks to the class.

Donations to the Creation Station
 Children LOVE to build. I am amazed at what they can create with duct tape, cardboard and some random parts. The class needs more random stuff for the creation station. 
Items that are perfect: bottle caps, tops to yogurt containers, boxes, t.p. rolls, egg cartons. 
You can also visit SCRAP'S website to get an idea of what I'm looking for:

The class also needs more duct tape. A generous parent who has donated over 20 rolls but the class supply is dwindling. 

Pascale and Sophia working on their boat during Maker Monday.

Hazel making his colorful creation during Maker Monday. 

Lesley and her service dog Oliver will be visiting our class this Tuesday. Students will have an opportunity to read to Oliver during Reading Workshop. 

I am sure that I am forgetting to add something! :)

 Please email with questions, comments, etc.