For the past two weeks the class has been learning about the skeletal system and bones, which is building off of the exploration of cells and their function in the body.
 Groups were given pieces of a paper skeleton that they had to assemble together, label and color. 
The groups working together to assemble and color the skeleton.
Chloe showing the skeleton her group assembled, colored and labeled.

"This skeleton is almost as tall as me," Matais said.

Chloe and Ollie creating a model of a bone. 
Jeremiah recreating the skeleton using pasta!

After we looked at the skeleton we  started thinking about bones. What is inside a  bone I asked? The class discovered that there are layers in a bone by creating a model of a bone. 
Recreating the skeleton using pasta.

Other Highlights...

Lesley and Oliver came back to the class and read to / with the students.

 The class had a visit from the Columbia Slough organization. They talked about animals, adaptations and habitats. 

We then took a trip to nearby Whitaker Pond where they learned more about animal adaptions, had a nature hike where they discovered evidence of beaver and owl activity.

In our Writing Workshop the focus is on personal narratives. Students are practicing recalling an event from their lives and creating a finished piece of writing. 

In Math 3rd grade is learning more about division and 2nd grade is working on addition/subtraction strategies. Our Math focus will begin to shift to collecting and recording data, learning about fractions, money/time and measurement!

Looking Ahead:

February is Black History month.
We will be discussing the contributions made by African Americans, talk about civil rights, biographies and more. As a class we will build on our understanding of perspective.

On February 9th a presenter from OSHU will talk about the brain and spine. They will also be talking about safety, injuries and how that has an affect on our bodies.

2/3 is in the works planning a trip to OMSI. Stay tuned for more details.

Wish List
Magazines for collage.
I am still looking for random objects for the creation area. 

Please email with comments, questions or concerns.