This week we quickly got back into the classroom routine after the week off.

The projects that were brought in were absolutely amazing! The students were so proud of their work and excited to share what they had learned. Many students confronted their fear of speaking before the class to give 4 min. presentations. Way to go!

Chloe sharing her biome of the tundra.               Hazel sharing his biome of the desert.

                                               Asher presenting his biome of the tundra.

Highlights of this week:

States of Matter!

In Science we are exploring the states of matter. This three week mini unit will have students discovering what states matter can take,  experimenting with liquids and learning about how the molecules are arranged in the different states. To open up this investigations students rotated through science centers with matter placed out for them to explore.

Matais, Beka and Sophia exploring ice.

Ollie working on answering the question "What is matter?" at the reflection table.

Hazel, Pascale, Kieran and Dreamliner using loose parts (solid matter)  to create something .


In Literacy we have begun to study folktales. I have read a few folk tales aloud and have asked the class to practice using the strategy of visualization when listening to these stories aloud. For the next two weeks students will write and illustrate their own folk tales, which when finished I hope to compile into a class book.

Aurora, Sophia and Beka using paint and loose parts to illustrate their visualization of the folktale Elves and the Shoemaker. 

In Math we are ending the year thinking of the practical application of Math. Students have been working hard exploring multiplication, addition and subtraction strategies. I have seen quite a bit of growth in these areas. We will begin a sewing project to end the year where students will learn/review measurement and geometry. They will also practice using their fine motor skills as they thread the needles and sew. I am excited to see how their projects turn out.

 We have been practicing using "I statements" when in conflict. I have been working hard to help the students build a "tool box" of strategies that they can use in conflict. We have been thinking about what does kindness mean, look like, sound like? What are appropriate times to resolve conflicts? How can the community help us brainstorm ideas? The socio/emotional work that we do at Trillium is an important part of our curriculum. 

Next week a major event will happen to the community of Vanport. The flood, which destroyed the city, will take place. I have not told students about this yet but they will find out on Monday. After the flood happens students will start to think more deeply about the racial segregation of Portland and the country. When Vanport was created in 1942 it provided homes to over 3,000 African American families who moved to Portland for work. Prior to Vanport, Portland was a primarily white city so where will these families move? Will Portland accept people who were displaced by the flood? How will people, who are not white, be received?

Other News!

Read to the Dog, Oliver
I am very excited that Lesley and her dog Oliver from Pet Partners, which is an organization where animals work with schools/hospital/libraries, will be visiting our classroom once-twice a month . Oliver and Lesley will be listening to students read aloud to them. The intention of the visits is to help reluctant readers build more confidence and to provide stronger readers a fun read aloud opportunity. 

This was a program that I have been looking to bring into the classroom since last year! 

If you DO NOT want your child to read to Oliver and/or have concerns please contact me.

Looking Ahead

Save the Dates:

Our culminating event for the Storyline will be on Wednesday Dec. 16th from 9am-10:55. Students will give be presenting what they have learned during this unit. 

 Friday Dec. 11th
 PJ Day and Ice Cream Party
I am throwing a party for the class for all of the hard work they have done this term.

Stone Soup
We are going to be making "stone soup" based on the folktale Stone Soup. I will ask that children bring in a vegetable cut up and ready to go into the crock pot in the next few weeks. If anyone would like to bake bread please let me know. 
I am still working out the date and time so stay posted!

Wish List
I am looking for ways to keep things organized in the classroom! There is such a limited amount of space so I could use shelves that could be mounted, plastic totes, Ikea organizers , filing cabinet , etc.

I am also looking for the plastic containers that fruit/veggie platters come in ! They make excellent organizers for loose parts.

Thanks for your support.