WOW! This week flew by! Just one more week until Winter recess.


The students began their sewing project, building on their understanding of quadrilaterals and how math can be used in sewing.

Thanks to Autumn and Heather for donating fabric and time in the classroom.

We were visited by Lesley and Oliver who took time to read with students.

We have been reading folk tales and using loose parts to build and create all week. 

 Ice Cream Party and PJ Day !

We are wrapping up our Storyline. The students learned about the flood that destroyed Vanport. They listened to a song about Vanport, read the lyrics and then created art inspired by the lyric they chose. 

You can listen to the song here:

Please join us on Thursday 9:00-10:55 to tour the class museum and see the work the students have done around Vanport. We will start with a presentation in the MPR and then head to the classrooms.