Boat Building, Vanport and Biomes!

Conferences are wrapping up and I am looking forward to home visits.

Our Storyline this term has been focused on learning the history of Vanport, which was a community that once existed in Portland. Vanport was an integrated community and had an impact on social and racial relationships in the city. 
The students have been looking at primary source photographs and a map to help them get a sense of where this community once was. The class has begun to recreate the map of Vanport in the form of a mural on the classroom wall.

 Vanport was established in response to boat building production during World War II. Students built boats from loose parts and materials in the classroom. The following day we tested to see how much weight each boat could hold.


We have been talking about perspective as we uncover the story of the Native American people and contact with Columbus. We have stretched the idea of perspective beyond this part of history into our own lives when thinking about perspective when we are involved  conflict.


We have been studying the biomes of the world and animals that live in those regions.  We will wrap up this study by having students researching biomes and then creating a project to share what they have learned. 

Due to high interest the next unit will focus on experiments and the scientific method.


In our Math studies students have been practicing carrying and borrowing numbers, breaking apart numbers and thinking about multiplication and division. We have been looking at arrays and thinking how the help us understand multiplication and division. 

Writing Workshop

The class began writing "How to Books" as they think about sequencing in their writing and focusing on a main idea. 

Upcoming Events

Wednesday Nov. 11th - NO SCHOOL

November 20th at 12:00-1:00  Class Potluck
Please bring a dish of food, dessert, drink to share with the class.

Volunteer Corner

I am looking for volunteers who would be available on Thursday mornings to work with small literacy groups for about 1 hr.

More materials for the construction corner.
Construction paper.
Sanitizing wipes for the tables.

Homework will be sent home during the week.
The packets are mixed. I can not make two separate packets for each grade. 
Have your child focus on what we have been learning in class.




  1. Hi Fawn! I'd love to learn more about what you are doing with your class about Vanport. Have you seen Ours is on-going collective effort to gather all stories and project and resources to learn more about Vanport. It would be great to add what your students are doing, so other teachers can inspired to teach this important chapter of local history! please get in touch at


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