Conferences are quickly approaching. If you have not signed up up yet please do so. There is a sign up sheet outside of the classroom door. You can also email me. This year I am offering the option of a home visit instead of meeting in the class. Home visits are wonderful opportunities to get to know your child and family better. 

Last week we had a blast going to Plumper Pumpkin Patch for our first field trip. Thank you for the drivers who made the trip possible!

In class the students have begun to create characters for the Storyline that we are working on, which focuses on the community of Vanport and anthropology. 

This week we have started a mini unit on biomes and animal adaptations.

Students are building their stamina as writers and readers during Reading and Writing Workshops.

Students have been building their number sense, learning about estimation and counting. Today the class estimated how many seeds were in a pumpkin and tomorrow will be counting and grouping.

2nd graders have been working on addition, 3rd graders have been rounding and working on foundational skills for multiplication.

Upcoming Event

This Thursday students are welcome to come to school in costume. Please leave all weapons and accessories of that nature at home. We will also have a Halloween party at the end of the day. Please consider sending your child to school with a drink and/or a snack to share. We have some gluten free students so please take that into consideration as well. 

Wish List

I am filling the Creation Station and I am looking for collections of items that can be used for crafting and tinkering. Things that we could use are bottle caps, loose parts, old technology that the class can deconstruct, circuits, wires, lights, ribbons, tp rolls, rubber bands, containers that have lids for storage, etc. 

Magazines for cutting and collages. 

Small boxes for dioramas.

Homework is optional for students. I will still send it home. If your child does not have homework there will be extra packets hanging outside of the classroom door.