Welcome to the 2015/2016 school year!

 I hope that this finds everyone doing well and enjoying this beautiful September day.


We are continuing our study of bees. This week the class learned about the life cycle of the bee and sculpted bees from clay. On Monday we will wrap up our study with a visit to  the garden, tasting honey, planting pollenating plants and cleaning the garden boxes.

Students were introduced to the word empathy as part of the socio/emotional curriculum that I am working on with them, Ask them to tell you what it means.

Students have been building stamina in reading and writing.
We have begun working on following the steps in the writing process.

I want to share what the students will be focusing on in Math for the next 6-10 weeks.

2nd grade will be focusing on developing fluency in:

Numbers to 200 
Add/Subtract within 100 
3rd grade students will be focusing on developing fluency in:
Numbers to 1,000 
Addition & Subtraction
Multiplication Facts

Students will be broken into smaller groups within the classroom based on grade level and mathematical understanding for direct instruction. Students will then work on the skills/concept through out the week in a smaller center. We will have Math workshops 4 times a week (Monday-Thursday).  These groups will change through out the month/week/year, depending on student needs.
Here is a link to the Common Core standards that we will be following:
Please let me know if you have questions.

Equinox Party
The class welcomed the first day of fall with a small celebration outside under the trees in the playground. 

  • We will be starting our Storyline on October 5th. 2 /3 will send a letter home with more information soon. 

  • Our next Science Unit will be focused on trees, seasonal change and weather.

  • Please place orders for Scholastic Books by September 27th, which is Monday.

  • Volunteers are still needed to drive to the Pumpkin Patch on Oct. 22.

  • Trillium Harvest Fair is October 22nd.

  •  I will be looking for volunteers who can walk with us to Patton Park for 1 hr. 

  • 1- 2x a week when we start our Tree study. I'm still working the time/day into our schedule but hope to start the following week. 

Class blog:


I will post once a week and add photos. Generally it will be the same as what I send as a week wrap up.

I would love to get a few iPads for the classroom. If you might know of a business that would donate or if you're a skilled grant writer please let me know! 

Thanks and see you on Monday!

Fawn Morosky