There has been a lot of excitement in the classroom the past few weeks, which I am happy to share.

Highlights have included…..

The “Mayor” has decided not to build the dam! This news was met with cheers. This announcement ended our Storyline focusing on Rivers. We are starting our next Storyline,which will focus on Spies, Mystery, Detectives AND the Ocean!
This Storyline will take the students around the world!

Literacy circles have started meeting weekly, each with a parent volunteer! This is a wonderful opportunity for students to practice reading aloud, listening to one another and working with another adult leader.

For the past week the class has been talking about animals and adaptations. The class created their own potato “beasts” and then dissected  owl pellets that were donated by the Audubon Society of Portland.

Thank you to the Fox family who has gotten a donation of carpet tiles from the Flor company in Portland. The class has  been learning about area, perimeter and measurements as a way to figure out how to put the rug together.

We’ve been enjoying the time we’ve spent meeting with our Middle and Preschool buddies.

Students have completed research while  learning  about an African American who has made a significant contribution to our society. They have created beautiful final projects, which are on display in the classroom and the hallways.

Smarter Balanced Test
The 3rd graders will be taking the Smarter Balanced test tentatively the 2nd week of April. Testing will be one hour each day from 9:30-10:30 for two weeks. The 2nd graders will be going to Lana’s and Kyle’s classroom during this time. This test is replacing OAKS testing for the 3rd grade. This test is all administered on  computer. Apol Quale has expressed an interest in organizing healthy snacks for the students who will be testing. I can give you her contact info. if you would like to help.

You can view sample tests and more information at:
If you have questions or concerns please contact Kieran, Sarah or myself.

Upcoming Events and Thank-You:

Campout is May 7th this year. If you would like to volunteer as a chaperone please contact me to sign up!

Thank-you to James Rohl for leading P.E. this term!!

Thank you to Naeve and all of the parents who have contributed money to a classroom diffuser and DoTerra essential oils.

Thank you to the volunteers who join us on walks to the Library, field trips, visit the classroom.

Conferences are happening again in mid April. I will post a sign up sheet outside of the classroom.