It has been a great few weeks in our classroom.

The students have been busy learning about the watershed and water cycle. Each student created a 3d model of the water cycle to reflect their understanding of the process.
The students also created terrariums in a jar, which they have been observing. This has been a great opportunity for them to observe what happens in the water cycle.

The class has started a unit on poetry. They have been working on writing couplets and acrostic poems. Stop by the class and take a look at the display outside the room or on our writing wall of some wonderful poems! I will be putting a book of poems together at the end of this unit.

In honor of MLK day each student create a piece of a quilt with a symbol that represented their dream for the future. Gena helped us with the project and the quilt is on display in the lobby of the school. You will find a place to write your own wishes that will be hung next to their quilt!

In Math the class has been working in smaller groups on adding, multiplying and division. The class has seemed engaged and excited about the work they are doing.

The river storyline is moving along. This week the characters were hired by either an environmental group who wanted to halt the building of a dam or the construction company who wanted their help in building. The characters need to persuade the Mayor to take their group's point of view. Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

Looking ahead....
 Our trip to Kelly Point Park will be on Thursday the 29th from 9-12:00. Please send your child to school dressed for the day.  

Scholastic Book Orders are due Wednesday January 28th.

Volunteers are needed for our walk to the Library on Wednesday.

Volunteers are also needed to chaperone a trip to the Portland Art Museum on Tuesday February 24th at 10:00-1:00
Thank you for all parents who volunteer and support the classroom. It has been a delight working with your children. They really amaze me!