This week the students have been busy researching facts about rivers and learning more about the characters they've created for the Storyline. We made salt dough with the help of a parent volunteer, which was used to create a model of the path that a river travels. Next week students will paint and label these models.

In Math the students have been collecting data and creating bar graphs. Students interviewed one another and worked together to make graphs. They have also been practicing multiplying and adding independently.

Students were very excited to use the laptop cart this week, which we will begin to use more often in the class.

Teacher Tuesday is a day once a week where students teach each other something. This week Conrad taught small groups of students how to write in Roman Numerals. Others taught each other how to make books, draw people and count in Korean.

We visited our preschool Book Buddies this week and Nora visited the class to teach about the rooftop garden.

P.E. was great this week! Thanks to our parent volunteer, Janet, for organizing and leading the class!!

Thank you to the parent volunteers who have helped out in the classroom or offered support via email. Thanks to the Curtis family for donating a large box of books that will enhance our class Library.

Wish List….

I would Love if you would donate books your child is no longer reading to the class library. Dictionaries would also be appreciated!!

Thank-you if you’ve already donated to our GoFund me campaign to raise money to buy new tables. If you or someone you know would like to make a donation please visit the site:

Winter Celebration: I would like to invite you to a Winter Celebration for the students on Friday December 19th from 11-12. Parents, Grandparents, siblings are all welcome to attend. I know our classroom is small but we can make it work. Please bring a dish or treat to share! The party will not be a holiday celebration but a celebration of our class and one another.

It is a great honor to be working with your children. See you next week!