Thank you to all of the families who joined us for our first class potluck. Thank you to James and Kate for hosting the event. I am looking forward to more community building events outside of the classroom.
 This week our students began building dioramas, puppets, books and drawing that reflected their research about the animal that they have been studying for the past few weeks. I expect that we should be done with this by the end of the week and ready to start our Storyline the following Monday!
We will be taking our first field trip to the Pumpkin Patch on Wednesday. We will be leaving the school around 10 am and returning in the afternoon around 1. Thank you for those who had volunteered to drive. Please dress your children warmly, send extra clothes or shoes. I expect it to be raining.
 Nora our Americorp garden coordinator visited our class 2 weeks ago and will be back on Monday. The students seemed to enjoy her visit and were excited to visit the rooftop garden.
Thank you to Janet who lead a PE class on Friday. The class seemed to really like the group games she shared. 

In Science we created collages that are hung in the classroom that answered the question: What does Science look like? Students cut out a wide range of images to show where they see science being used in the world. We also pretended to be young archaeologists and piece together dinosaur bones. We talked about how scientists need to make inferences to decide how something might be put together.


We will be walking to the Library every other Wednesday from now on. If you have not done so yet please send your child to school with their Library card, which I will photocopy and then send back home.

Conferences will held the second week of November. I will create a sign up sheet in the coming weeks.


 I am still looking for volunteers who would like to help in the classroom. If you tell me your availability I can plan walks to the park or places in the community during those times.

Thank you for your support and ideas.


                                         Satya and her Mom Anja share during Morning Meeting.

                                                   Counting Seeds during Pumpkin Math!

                                            A visit from Nora our fabulous garden coordinator.

                                            Winston smelling the lavender in the garden.

                                          Students working on the "Who Am I" activity.

                                     Janet (Grant's Mom) is leading a PE class in the MPR.