Highlights of the week....

We started the week with great energy and curiosity,which carried throughout the week.
Our class has started working on researching an animal that they have chosen.  Students will spend next week wrapping up research and then design a final project that will reflect their research. I am excited to see what the students create!

In response to the Restorative Justice Training the staff has received I have begun teaching the children how we will use Circles as a way to voice our feelings and work through problems and conflict that arise inside or outside of our classrooms. This type of circle is separate from our Morning Meeting or Closing circles. I have been genuinely impressed by the attention the students have given this process. It requires a lot of focus and patience and they have been doing great.

In Science we launched Alka Seltzer rockets! This was a huge success and our young Scientists had a blast!

Our class is learning about Hispanic Heritage Month! Glee Lumb, Ollie’s Mom, joined us on Thursday to help students design and build animal masks that were inspired by the culture of Belize. The students were very engaged in the process and made beautiful masks, which were all created from recycled materials Glee collected at S.C.R.A.P. ! Thank-you Glee!!

Looking Ahead…..

Next week we will begin Reading Circles. This will give students an opportunity to work on reading the same text together. I can work more closely with students and offer feedback and suggestions to improve literacy and comprehension.

We will be taking a trip to the Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island on October 29th from 10:30 and returning no late than 3. I am looking for volunteers who are able to drive. There is a sign up sheet outside of my classroom if you would like to volunteer. It promises to be fun!

Our Class Community Potluck will be happening Sunday October 19 from 1-3. All are welcome!

A reminder that our classroom in nut free. If you are sending snacks to share with the class please make certain that it does not contain any nuts. If you would like to send snacks please consider gluten and dairy free folks as well.

I will be available for meetings on Mondays from 3:30-4:30 after school if you would like to discuss something. If this time does not work please email me and we can make other arrangements.

Thank- you for another great week!